Architectural Control Request Form

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All requests will be handled in accordance with the Shelley Lake Estates CC & R's. Articles 7 & 11. The Articles can be found on the Shelley Lake web site in the Covenants section. Please provide as much detail as possible, including the Request Description Detail section below. The submittal information can be in the form of CAD drawings, hand drawings with dimensions, plan and elevation views, sketches, photographs, renderings, paint chips, color charts, specification sheets, bills of material, including material descriptions and or material samples. Copies of applicable local building codes, permits will also be beneficial. Keep in mind that clear, concise and accurate submittals will help expedite the review and approval process.

This is not an all encompassing list of the types of alterations or improvements a home owner may request. It is a list of the more common types that will be submitted for review and approval. The list does not restrict the home owner to only these improvements, nor does it infer that these are the only alterations or improvements that require submittals and approval.

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Project Information

Final Instructions: When you have completed the Architectural Control Request Form and compiled the applicable information listed on page one, the preferred method of submitting the request is e-mailing it to: If you do not have electronic communication access, mail it to the Shelley Lake Estates Home Owners Association, attention the Architectural Control Committee. The approval process starts the date the request is received along with and all required submittal materials. Insufficient or incomplete information will delay the start date of the approval process. An Architectural Committee member will notify you as to the receipt of the request and the case number assignment.

Special Notes:

The Architectural Committee has up to 45 days to review the request, request additional information if required and then vote to approve or disapprove the request as submitted. Work cannot commence until the Architectural Committee approves the request in writing. All changes to an approved plan will also be subject to the same submittal and review process. Failure to follow these procedures will result in a fine assessed to the home owner for each occurrence. The fine does not preclude the home owner from submitting the proper request nor does assessing or paying the fine give the home owner approval to proceed with the improvements. Failure to pay the fine can result in further legal action against the home owner.

It is the responsibility of the home owner to research all local building codes and zoning laws, making sure they are in compliance with their respective home improvements. This includes but is not limited to proper set backs from all home owner and Shelley Lake Association property lines. It is also the home owners responsibility to make sure the proper permits are obtained for their respective home improvements. The Shelley Lake Estates Homeowners Architectural Committee only approves the improvements per Articles 7 & 11 of the CC & R's. The Architectural committee does "not" have the authority to oversee or approve any plan or design from the standpoint of structural safety or conformance with local building and other codes. It is also the home owners responsibility to make sure they or the contractor they hire complies with the state law "Call Before You Dig" two days before excavation starts. (1-800-424-5555) Home owners should also be advised it is their responsibility and in their best interest to research contractors for proper licensing and liability insurance.