Shelley Lake Homeowner Association
Letters to the Homeowners

10-10-10  Homeowners Newsletter 10-10
05-02-10  Homeowners Newsletter 05-10
12-01-09  Homeowners Newsletter 12-09
07-17-09  Homeowners Newsletter 06-09
12-05-08  2009 Annual Homeowner Meeting Reminder, Homeowner Assocation Rules Update, Maintenance Updates
07-01-08  CC&R Violation Fines and No Parking areas
05-04-08  Annual Yard Sale, Updates for 5th Addition, Shoreline, Lake, and Summer rules reminders
01-01-08  2008 Annual Meeting reminder, Dues Increase, Developer Agreements
09-17-07  Volunteers Needed, Lake and 5th Addition Update, Prepare for Elections
06-26-07  New 1st Addition Director, Communications Committee, CC&R vote follow-on
05-15-07  May 21st Homeowner meeting reminder, CC&R vote information, disclosure
04-18-07  May 21st Homeowner meeting, safety first, shoreline usage, private property
03-12-07  Gates closed 24 hours,1st Addition Director change, volunteers needed
10-30-06 Various topics, register email, water fall shutdown, gate info, 5th Addition
10-05-06 Shoreline Homeowners
08-18-06 Update, contact list, survey, FAQ, financial info
06-29-06 New Board introduction letter