Shelley Lake Homeowner Association
Project Status

Posted 3/11/09

Lake Shoreline Habitat Enhancement
The long awaited bridge over Saltese Creek is installed allowing for a safe passage when the creek is flowing with water. With the bridge complete, we now have a 1.25 mile path all the way around the lake.

5th Addition
The final gated entry into Shelley Lake 5th Addition (Rotchford and 10th Lane) is finished. There are two new homes for sale and 4 custom homes sold.

Posted 7/10/08

Lake Shoreline Habitat Enhancement
Installed irrigation, repair trail edge, add native grass, plants and benches.

5th Addition
A lot of attention has been focused on ensuring the 5th Addition is completed correctly.

Posted 5/16/2007

Repair concrete curb near Reflection's emergency gate near 4th Street:
Concrete replaced.  Waitng for blacktop repair. 

Pedestrian gate  and walkways:
A pedestrian gate and concrete walkway was added to the Rotchford/Galway gate area.  Concrete walkways were added to the other two pedestrain gates at Rotchford/5th Street and Reflections.

Fencing Repair:
Several areas of the fence that was damaged from high winds during winter are repaired.

Other Projects being considered:
1. Relocate mailboxes inside the development to reduce gate congestion and address safety concerns.
2. Add pedestrian gate to the northwest corner of Reflections beside the emergency gate located along 4th Avenue.
3. Replace the gravel in the trail access path located at the east end of the lake with a solid surface to improve stroller access.
4. Seal cracks and make repairs to the private roadways.
5. Replace sections of the fence.