Shelley Lake Homeowner Association
Architectural Committee

Shelley Lake homeowners are required to send home and yard improvemant plans to the Architectural Committee for review and approval before proceeding. CC&R Article 7 and Article 11

This list are items that do not require pre-approval from the Architectural Committee when a homeowner desires to implement modifications to the exterior of their property. Architectural Pre-Approved List

Architectural Requirements for Shelley Lake 5th Addition new home construction are available. All approved builders wanting to construct a home in the 5th Addition must comply with these requirements unless an official exception is approved by the Architectural Committee. 5th Addition Requirements

Please fill out an online request form of your plans for the committee to review:Architectural Control Request Form.

All approved requests are available on Shelley Lake Estates Architectural Committees Approvals.

Architectural Committee Members:
Mike Riggs 865-368-1965
Terry Keatts 509-859-7247
Patti Dikes 619-987-3583
Dick Olson 509-228-0707
Diana Wilhite 991-7639
Jason Lucas 999-4407

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